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Connecting Dots

Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Brand.

The Exaltation Accelerator is a 12-week coaching program designed to reprogram your subconscious mind and win back your sense of purpose and power. Each week we'll unlock new levels of self awareness, clarity and habits needed to authentically expand you and the brand of your dreams.


Transform Your Mind,

Propell into Purpose and

Expand  Your Brand



The Exaltation Accelerator might be for you if...

This Brand Clarity Intensive is for you if: - you want to make sure your brand foundation is purpose-filled and aligned with who you are - you need support breaking down your brand vision and goals - you struggle demonstrating your value or taking your brand to the next level

- athletes who wish to gain the self-knowledge and mental fortitude needed for peak performance on and off the field, court or track - entertainers who want to strengthen and maintain their spirit and mindset on and off the stage - entrepreneurs who wish to be mentally and emotionally equipped to handle both business and life challenges - those who wish to get more done, be better leaders, and honor their well-being while doing so - those who wish to have clarity of purpose and resolve within their inner and outer lives


I'm Alexis, but you can call me Lex

I dove headfirst into entrepreneurship, with no idea where it would take me (some would call it naive, I call it trusting my intuition). Upon launching Exalt, I immediately fell into hustle culture and found myself working 7-days a week, around the clock, to grow my business.

I was exhausted. I was uninspired. I was confused. I had little time for friends or family. I was ready to throw in the towel. (Does this sound a little too familiar?)

Then, something shifted in me. I realized the intense burnout I was experiencing wasn’t due to my overworking - it was a result of feeling out of alignment with the direction I was headed, with little intention or strategy. 

I took a step back, focused on the parts of my business that brought me joy, and pivoted. 

Using my 5 years of digital marketing experience, I’ve implemented authentic social media strategies to efficiently grow my business, while making more time for self-care practices.

Now, I’m more aligned than I’ve ever been, and you can be too.

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Any athlete who is looking to receive a breakthrough in performance needs this program. Alexis’ ability to pinpoint weaknesses and blind spots is truly transformative—she helped me gain my mind back. Her knowledge of the brain, the spirit, and the client allow’s you to enter into the next phase of YOU.

- Chloe Abbott
   Professional Sprinter,

Alexis has been an integral part of my development as an artist. It’s amazing to work with someone who can give have career guidance and helps to cultivate my mind in the process. I’ve found myself more grounded in my artistry and can trust that my business and well being are well taken care of.

- Malaya

   Singer, Songwriter

Connecting Dots

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Alexis understands creatives. She understands practice and patience.
She positively impacts my brand presence in music culture via her ability to market me in ways authentic to who I am. Her many successes reflect both her leadership skills and the respect she has garnered in our industry.



What's Included

  • (7) 60-min Exaltation coaching Sessions for purpose driven subconscious reprogramming. Includes replay access (Value: $2,450)  

  • (3) 60 min Brand Consultations (Value: $900)

  • (1) Purpose driven brand strategy (Value: $3500

  • Ongoing support and check in’s via Voxer app (Value: $999

  • Weekly custom action plans (Value: $1500)

  • Custom morning routine, night routine, meditation and resource guides (Value: $1750)

  • A renewed mind and deep sense of purpose (Value: Priceless)

Payment Plans Available!

Your Price: $4,999

First 3 Clients to Book: $3333.33

Total Value: $11,099 

Connecting Dots

Your business doesn't run if you're run-down. This program will equip you

with the tools to better align with your business from the inside out.

Stop second guessing yourself...

Invest In the New You

Accepting 5 Clients Through June 30, 2022

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