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Exalt Management isn’t just another agency in a sea of many. Launched in 2018, we go beyond contracts, stages, and commercial deals. We are architects of elevation, dedicated to shaping not just careers but the minds and lives behind them, too. In a world where it's easy to forget that celebrities, artists, creators and public figures have hearts, dreams, and vulnerabilities, we champion a different approach: With us, it's business, and it's personal. 


Why? Because success without fulfillment can be the ultimate failure. We recognize this nuance and thus aren’t in pursuit of transient spotlights. Our compass is set towards ensuring that our clients aren’t just reaching career milestones, but are also profoundly connected to their purpose, understanding the 'why' behind every step. 


Our proven track record is built on partnerships with industry-leading brands such as Hulu, Amazon, Patreon, Meta, and Spotify. We’re not just committed to stand out opportunities; we prioritize alignment with our client's authentic self, both in personal and career growth.


Building these success stories involves an intricate dance of synergy with our clients. Together, we sketch out the roadmap, make collective decisions, and embark on the journey of evolution, fortified by mutual trust. This collaboration is empowered by our expansive network, which spans from independent artists and creators to renowned figures in music and TV.


Navigating the intricacies of the entertainment digital content realm demands more than surface-level insights; it's about having a genuine pulse on the culture. At Exalt Management, this cultural connection, combined with our keen understanding of our clients, allows us to evolve in tandem with the shifting industry. Our progressive approach allows us to excel in both talent representation and strategic brand growth.


With industry insights and the pulse of the culture top of mind, we've curated services that range from Talent Management and Brand Marketing to our praised mindset coaching we call “Exaltation Sessions.” Every service we offer is a step forward, guiding you to achieve your utmost potential.

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Alexis Wilson is a dynamic social entrepreneur, speaker, brand builder and the Founder/CEO of Exalt Management. She has devoted the past 5 years of her life to researching how humans can be renewed in mind, body and spirit, and has in turn identified efficient tools and practices for life transformation and elevation. Wilson uses her proficiency in personal development and her robust experience in branding to take a holistic approach to brand management. Outside of her work with Exalt, Wilson leads The Menternship, a non-profit dedicated to the personal and professional development of Black and Brown young women with interest in entertainment. In the past decade, Wilson has keynoted national confrences, launched several successful ventures and formed partnerships with some of the largest brands across the globe such as Nike, The Oprah Winfrey Network, and L'Oréal Paris. 

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